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A World Without America

February 23, 2007

One of my favorite blogs to read is WorldViews, the blog of World Magazine.  I usually don’t like to just repeat stories that I have read on other blogs and websites, but prefer to write my own original content for my blog.  Today, however, I decided that I will repeat a story I read elsewhere…  The contributors to WorldViews linked to a great short video entitled “A World Without America.”  As they wrote in their brief description of the video,

Europeans, especially the British, take in a steady media diet of American-is-to-blame-for-everything. Now media coverage of an ad called “A World Without America” is on the rise.

Quite simply, the video (you can visit its official website here) reminds the world just what kind of a state they would be in if America had never existed.  In a day when America is hated and scorned by so many people, it’s refreshing to see the good that this country has done.  True, the United States isn’t perfect; in fact, it’s in quite a sorry state at the moment.  Remember, though, the good that it has done, and be inspired to make it again what it once was!  You can watch the video below (courtesy, of course, of YouTube).